How to protect yourself from online trolls

A group of online trolls who have been targeting the families of Oregon residents in a new campaign have been impersonating victims, including their loved ones, to get their point across.

They are calling themselves the Oregon Family Support Network, and they are offering to help victims contact police if they feel threatened.

They also say they are “disappointed” with Oregon’s new “family violence” law, which was passed by voters in November, but have not yet posted any evidence to back up their claims.

But they are attempting to push their message of love and support through social media.

They claim the campaign is meant to expose the group’s true motives, which they say are not about stopping family violence but instead are about spreading misinformation.

The group has posted dozens of ads, including one in which they call the new law a “bipartisan piece of legislation that is a step in the right direction.”

They are also calling themselves “the Oregon Family Help Network.”

They claim they are trying to make a difference by taking down their ads.

“The Family Support Act has been a joke for so long, the Internet has been playing tricks on us,” one ad says.

“It’s time for us to finally stand up and tell the truth about this bill, and we have the resources to do it.”

A spokesperson for the Family Support Coalition told POLITICO the group has a history of using online marketing to promote its causes.

“There is absolutely no evidence of these claims, and it’s clear that they have not been vetted by the Coalition,” said spokesman David Waddell.

“If you are a victim of online bullying, please contact the FBI.

If you want to contact your local law enforcement, please do so by phone or text.””

If your family member is being bullied online and needs your help, please call the hotline at 1-800-947-1111,” the spokesperson said.

“We have the support of thousands of Oregonians in our community, and our efforts to stop the violence and intimidation are not limited to online.”

The group claims they are doing so to “educate the public about family violence, encourage victims to report threats and help families recover.”

They also claim they have “been contacted by many family members of people who have gone missing” in Oregon and that they are investigating the claims.

“We are deeply disappointed with the actions of this group,” said the spokesperson.

“But we stand by our statement of our cause.”

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