Performance enhancing drugs for the Israeli military – schedule 1

The Israeli military has launched a pilot study into the potential use of performance enhancing drugs on Israeli soldiers, a senior Israeli official said Thursday.

According to a statement from military chief of staff Benny Gantz, the pilot study is designed to study the use of various drugs to help soldiers recover from a variety of injuries, including a severe head injury, brain surgery and a collapsed lung.

“The military is in the process of studying the potential of performance-enhancing drugs to prevent injury and to improve the physical and mental health of the soldiers, who must fight at close quarters,” Gantz said in the statement.

The Israeli military uses the drug Ritalin to treat chronic fatigue and fatigue syndrome, a condition that is also referred to as fatigue syndrome.

The military has used the drug since the 1970s, when it was used to treat fatigue and anxiety in the field.

The drug has also been used for a variety, including PTSD, as well as post traumatic stress disorder, according to the military.

The IDF has long been a leader in its field of performance enhancement.

The military has been known to prescribe stimulants to soldiers and doctors, but also to offer other performance enhancing medications for use in the army.

The army has been experimenting with various performance enhancing and mental enhancement drugs, including Ritalins, Zoloft and Prozac.

According the Israeli official, the military will conduct a feasibility study, conducted by a team of researchers, on the use and side effects of the drugs.

The study will determine the effects on performance and health of soldiers using different drugs.

The statement said the military is studying the efficacy of the new performance enhancing drug Rituximab, as it has previously used a similar drug, a synthetic version of a steroid.

The commander of the military’s medical service, Lieutenant General Yossi Alon, also noted that it is not clear what type of performance enhancers will be used in the pilot program.

“We are trying to find the best drug for the soldier and to find an effective way of using it,” Alon said.

“A large number of military and civilian users have used Ritiximab in different types of tests, but we need to test it on soldiers who are not used to the drugs and for whom we are not sure,” he added.

“Therefore, we need an effective trial.”

The Israeli army said the new drugs, which are being developed as part of its “War on Drugs” initiative, are designed to help combat fatigue and pain, but it does not disclose the exact effectiveness of the medications.

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