The cocaine that’s killing you is not the cocaine you thought it was: US researchers show link between cocaine and Alzheimer’s

By David McNew / Business Insider Canada’s government has officially admitted that cocaine causes Alzheimer’s disease.

In a joint statement, the Canadian government, the National Research Council (NRC) and the University of Toronto found that cocaine users who started using cocaine in their late teens and early 20s were at increased risk for developing the disease.

The researchers say the cocaine users were also more likely to have more than one use of the drug, including regular use and “substance abuse”.

The statement from the government’s health department said that cocaine use in Canada increased by about 30 per cent from 2003 to 2014, with the most dramatic increase in the cocaine-related deaths.

The report said that people who use cocaine are also at higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as a host of other serious and chronic diseases.

The statement also stated that the researchers did not find a direct link between the consumption of cocaine and the development of the disease, but rather that “some people who are not taking cocaine may have higher risk factors.”

However, the statement did say that it was important to remember that the study does not prove a causal link between coca-use and the disease; rather, it is “a first step towards understanding the risk factors underlying the development and progression of Alzheimer’s.”

The statement said that the “primary focus” of the study was to identify and quantify the links between cocaine use and the risk of Alzheimer.

The government said that it hoped that the results of the research will help researchers and policymakers develop “new and effective strategies to reduce the risk to Canadians from the harmful use of drugs.”

In the past, Canada has been a hot spot for the illegal drug trade, with many people claiming to be addicted to the drug.

In January, the country saw a record number of deaths linked to the illegal trade, according to CBC News, with 1,927 people dying from a heroin overdose in Canada last year.

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