Why China is taking on the world’s biggest drug problem

By the end of the year, China will have nearly 1,300 million drug users and addicts, and more than a million drug-related deaths.

Many countries are now seeing a resurgence in their own drug problems, and some have gone so far as to ban drugs outright, while others have simply moved to ban all drugs altogether.

China, a key global player in the global drug trade, has become a global leader in the fight against the so-called “third world” drug trade.

The country has made its mark in the drug trade by imposing strict laws against importing, manufacturing, and selling of drugs to the third world and for the first time it has banned all drugs, even cannabis.

China has launched the Anti-Drug Law and Bill to Ban Drugs, which will see the country’s top court rule on a number of drug-based laws and regulations.

China’s government is pushing for drug legalization and decriminalization to combat the growing drug-war hysteria in the United States.

The drug war has become increasingly violent in China, with thousands of people killed by the police and a growing number of people arrested for drug offenses.

But Chinese authorities have also made a strong push for drug-free societies.

This year, President Xi Jinping made a major push to create a drug-Free World Day in 2022, which has now reached its fourth year.

This is the second year in a row that China has declared the Drug Free World Day, after the same year it was declared in 2017.

The Chinese government is also launching the Anti Drug War 2020, which is being billed as a global effort to eliminate drugs from the planet.

China is the world leader in drug use and drug trafficking, and its drug war policies are driven by a desire to make the country safe.

China has created the largest prison system in the world, incarcerating over 500,000 people.

It also has a system of public drug testing for all Chinese citizens, and the country has also introduced mandatory life sentences for drug users.

China’s drug policy has also taken a heavy toll on the people living in the country.

More than 60 million Chinese citizens have died from drug overdoses since 2003, and according to the latest data, more than 50 million people die from drug-induced illnesses each year.

According to a 2017 study by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, drug deaths in China exceed deaths from all causes combined.

The China Drug Policy has also become a major contributor to the opioid crisis in the US.

China is the largest producer of opium in the region, with the US importing more than 80% of the opium produced in China.

China also has the largest opium processing facilities in the U.S. and is the leading producer of synthetic opioid drugs in the Southeast Asian region.

The Drug Free Drug Policy, which China introduced in 2021, is meant to reduce drug consumption in the Chinese society.

The drug policy is also expected to have a significant impact on the global fight against global drug trafficking.

The United Nations has called for drug control to be the “most pressing global challenge of our time,” and China is already leading the world in drug control efforts.

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