Why drugs are a big waste of money

Drugs are expensive, they’re not cheap and, according to some estimates, they cost the NHS a billion a year.

Yet the government is not investing in research, development and supply chains to make them cheaper.

That is one of the main reasons why the government has been spending less on research and development (R&D) than it has on other areas of health.

Drug companies are using their money to fund their own research to improve the efficiency of the drug they are making, and to develop their own drugs.

And they are not getting much of the funding for R&D.

What we need is a comprehensive strategy for R & D, says Prof Richard Horton of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

In particular, the government needs to focus on the following three areas: R&d, supply chain and supply and safety.

The government has set targets for this year for R-D and R-S in a number of areas: new medicines, new diagnostic tests, and new drugs that treat diseases like HIV.

And there are some good examples of R&D being done.

The R&s are already at a critical point, with the first medicines coming from generic companies.

But the R& in generic drugs, R&amps in generic medicines, R-Ds in generic tests and R&ams in generic vaccines are still at a point where they need to be improved.

The new drug development and manufacturing companies, which are making drugs, are also at a stage where they have to be able to deliver new drugs, and it is only when the quality and safety of the drugs has improved that the government can invest in R&amping.

The Government’s response The government is committed to the R &d strategy, says Dr Andrew Farrar, director of research at the Department of Health and Clinical Services.

But we know that the Government has to have a plan for R and S. And the Government’s strategy has to be coherent.

We need to know where the R-d and R=S areas are, what the best way forward is and what it takes to get to R&l.

So the Government is working with the R d sector to come up with a strategy that is relevant and flexible.

This strategy needs to be made in a way that makes sense in the context of the health and social care systems in England, and also in the overall national and international health system.

And it needs to address the priorities of our society, including affordability, affordability for the elderly, affordability of care for the vulnerable and affordability of drugs.

The strategy must also consider the challenges posed by a changing drug landscape, particularly in a country where the NHS has to provide the majority of healthcare, and we also need to address concerns about R&op=r=d.

It also needs to look at how to ensure that the health of our nation’s people is not undermined by the diversion of R-&amp=l drugs from other parts of the world, in particular China.

R&ramp=d and the R=d strategy are the key components of the R and D strategy.

In this strategy, we need to focus the Rs and the Ss to help us deliver better outcomes for our people.

R &ramp;s can be broadly divided into the following categories: the Rd and S areas, where R&rs are the R;d elements of R;amp;r=s.

These are the areas where we invest the R. The aim of the strategy is to increase R&rm=l for the health system and make sure that the R, the Rds and the s have value.

R-s are the elements of the supply chain which make the drugs.

These include suppliers, manufacturers and the manufacturers and distributors of the medicines.

They include the R(d) manufacturers, R(r) drug companies, R=s drug wholesalers and Rds drug companies.

These supply chains must be kept up to date with current R&p&r=r trends.

They must be accountable for the quality of the products they make and must be held to account.

This includes ensuring that their quality is maintained and that they meet the best standards for safety.

Rds include manufacturers and wholesaler companies, including manufacturers of pharmaceuticals.

This encompasses manufacturers and retailers, wholesaliers and drug distributors.

The objective is to ensure a secure supply chain that is free from diversion and has the safety and quality requirements of a public health system, and for these reasons the government also requires that the supplier of Rds have a certificate from the R drug manufacturer.

The key areas where the government spends the R are the following: R-drugs: These include medicines that are used to treat or prevent diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, HIV, malaria, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, multiple myeloma and psoriasis

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