DEA chief calls for ‘greater transparency’ on opioid epidemic

The head of the DEA said Tuesday that he believes the agency has done too little to help opioid users, and that the agency’s role in stopping the epidemic is overblown.

“I think that the drug war has failed, it’s not worked,” DEA Administrator Chuck Rosenberg told reporters.

“It’s not even worked as a strategy.

It’s not working as a program.

It has failed as a whole.”

Rosenberg, who is the first director to head the agency since Michael Botticelli in 2003, was referring to the agency “failure” in fighting the opioid crisis.

“It’s just not working,” Rosenberg said.

“I think we’re getting a lot of things wrong in the drug czar job that we should be focusing on.”

“The drugs are going to be here,” he added.

“We can’t solve the problem by taking a different route.”

Rhodes, a former DEA chief who is now the agency chief for the first time since Michael Vought, the last director, took the helm in 2012, said the problem of opioid abuse has not been resolved.

“We’re not going to solve this problem by looking at one way or another,” Rosenberg told ABC News’ “This Week” program.

“And that’s why we have to have a better understanding of what’s driving this and how to get people to take responsibility for the things that they’re doing.”

Romesberg was referring specifically to the way that opioid addiction is treated by the DEA.

The Drug Enforcement Administration is under increased scrutiny after two high-profile deaths and numerous investigations.

The DEA has been under fire for not doing enough to prevent the deadly overdose of a man who overdosed on an opioid last year in Colorado.

In an April letter to the Senate, Rosenberg said the agency is failing to prevent deaths from opioid overdoses, including a heroin-related death in Colorado last year.

“A new report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine found that there are significant gaps in our understanding of the extent of the opioid epidemic and its causal relationships,” Rosenberg wrote.

“The lack of effective communication with the public about the dangers of opioid addiction may result in the public being misled about the risks posed by opioid use, thereby causing additional overdose deaths.”

The Trump administration has launched an investigation into the DEA, which Rosenberg said he is working on.

The report, which was commissioned by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, found that the DEA has failed to address the root causes of the problem and the agency did not do enough to combat opioid abuse, including through training and treatment programs.

“There is no doubt that the opioid addiction epidemic has had profound societal impacts and significant societal costs,” Rosenberg’s letter said.

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