‘It’s time to be a man again’: Men in the rave scene are being bullied, say members

The word “rugger” has become synonymous with ecstasy, but some men are still afraid to come out and say so, according to a new report.

The report, which was commissioned by a leading ecstasy researcher, says there is a lack of confidence in men to come forward.

It found that male ecstasy users are being targeted for abuse and sexual assault, with men being the main targets of the abuse.

It’s time for men to be men again: the men’s group in ecstasy The report by Dr Simon Brown, who has spent more than 20 years studying ecstasy and the male rave scene, comes after the death of a 20-year-old man who died from an overdose at a rave.

He was one of two men killed at the scene of the rave in Sydney in May last year.

The deaths of both men sparked debate about whether the rave environment was safe for men.

Dr Brown said while the report found that there was a high level of fear around sharing ecstasy, men had also reported feelings of being under pressure, feeling unwanted and being judged for being “dope”.

“Men are scared, men are frightened because they are not coming out and speaking out and they have a lack in confidence to come to the attention of the authorities,” he said.

Dr Paul O’Sullivan, a researcher in the field of social and clinical neuroscience at the University of Western Australia, said the report was timely, given the rise in ecstasy use.

“It’s a very good time for the male ecstasy user,” he told ABC News.

“This is a time when men are beginning to talk about what is going on in the male scene and this is something that needs to be addressed.”

Dr Brown has spoken to hundreds of male ecstasy use users, including members of the male-dominated scene who said the issue had not been addressed in a timely way.

Dr O’Brien said men were being forced to share their experiences of being abused, including being told that they had “done wrong” if they came forward.

He said the men were fearful of being ostracised and having their lives ruined.

“Men will often say, ‘I’m just a drug user, I’m not the problem’,” he said, adding that men who were part of the men-only scene in Melbourne and Sydney were also being bullied.

“They will be told that their masculinity has been compromised by the use of drugs, they will be asked to take responsibility for themselves and others,” he added.

Dr Scott Troughton, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the Gold Coast University, said he believed the male use of ecstasy had increased in recent years.

“We’re seeing a lot of guys coming out in the media,” he explained.

Dr Troughwood said men who have used ecstasy often do not have as many social distancing factors around them as women. “

There are a lot more guys in the men community than in the female community.”

Dr Troughwood said men who have used ecstasy often do not have as many social distancing factors around them as women.

He also said it was important to highlight the importance of social distance when talking about male users.

“Male users have been using ecstasy for quite some time and are quite accustomed to being talked about,” he observed.

The ABC has contacted the Australian Centre for Drugs and Alcohol Research (ACDAR) for comment. “

For example, a lot is made about the male male drug user and their lifestyle choices, but they’re not the primary users.”

The ABC has contacted the Australian Centre for Drugs and Alcohol Research (ACDAR) for comment.

Dr Tungu Tsekema, the lead researcher for the report, said it would be a “challenge” to tackle the issue head-on, but he hoped the research would spark further conversations.

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