How to prevent heart attack from prescription drug abuse

The Indian Medical Association, which represents more than 12 million doctors and health professionals, has proposed that the government should impose a ban on the manufacture and use of antiplatelets for people with a heart condition and prescribe them to their patients.

The government is yet to respond to the association’s request for a ban, which comes amid a rising tide of prescription drug addiction.

The association’s proposal, which will be debated by the Cabinet on Monday, follows a call last week by the government to ban the sale of anti-platelet pills by doctors and other health professionals.

According to the National Alliance for Prescription Drugs, a lobby group that has advocated the move, more than 80% of all heart attacks occur among people who are already at high risk of heart disease.

India has the second-highest rate of cardiovascular disease among developed countries, after the United States, which has the third-highest.

The drug industry is lobbying for the ban.

“It is a good idea.

We should do it,” said Shubhendu Thakur, a senior director at the industry-backed Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Promotion Council (IPIMC).

“It will put pressure on the pharmaceutical companies to do the right thing.”

A study by the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, which supports the ban, said that in the past 12 months, more heart attacks in India had been reported among patients who were prescribed antiplatetides.

India’s public health watchdog has been cracking down on the drug industry for years for allegedly running a “black market” of the drug.

But the government has failed to act on the mounting evidence that drugs like Nexium and Humira, sold under the brand names Nexium-A and Humana-A, are making heart disease more common among Indians, and even more expensive.

The drug industry also has fought hard to keep its lucrative drug market.

In September, the country’s top court struck down the drug law, a decision that has caused some of the most powerful drugmakers to flee the country.

The ruling overturned a ban the government imposed in November on the import of the drugs and made it easier for drugmakers and their suppliers to get around a requirement that doctors prescribe only their patients’ preferred medicines.

The government has also tried to limit access to the drugs.

In November, it moved to ban them from the national health insurance scheme for the poor, a move that has so far been blocked by a federal court in New Delhi.

The Indian Medical Society has also pushed for a national ban on drugs.

Its general secretary, Dr Raghavendra Sengupta, said the country had a “massive public health problem” and that the country should move towards a public-health approach to prevent drug addiction and drug abuse.

“Drugs are addictive, and they cause problems in terms of heart health,” he said.

“There are other ways to get drugs.

There are alternatives to prescription drugs.”

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