Why is the NHS drug advice changing?

The government is changing its drug advice for patients following a series of studies which show the drug cocktail it is promoting can have serious side-effects, including a higher risk of stroke.

The first study into the effect of taking a drug called dasatinib on people with type 1 diabetes found it may increase the risk of strokes by around 20 per cent.

It followed up with a second trial looking at the effect on people who had a high blood pressure level.

Both of those studies have since been followed up by another group of people who have diabetes.

Now, it has been reported that a second group of patients have shown a lower risk of developing stroke, compared to those taking a low dose of dasatinib.

The second group were followed up for five years.

Researchers say they think the new findings mean the drug could be less effective than it has previously been, but it will still be prescribed to those with diabetes.

This could result in more patients taking it.

The government has said it will continue to review dasatonib in a bid to get the drug approved for people with diabetes, and will make recommendations to the manufacturer to make it more widely available.

It will also set out how much the government will spend on dasato, the drug’s generic equivalent, to be used in the US.

But the drugmaker has said that while it is unlikely to make dasano more widely accessible, it is still looking at its options.

The new study suggests that dasanib could be safer than other low-dose diabetics taking it, but also has serious side effects.

Dr Richard Haines, who led the study, told the BBC that the data showed the drug was more likely to cause stroke in people taking it than people taking a higher dose.

The drugs main ingredient is a protein called dipeptidyl peptidase, which is a chemical which breaks down insulin, a hormone in the body.

Insulin is one of the main drivers of blood sugar control.

It also makes sure the body doesn’t burn fat.

Drugmakers are trying to develop a drug that will increase insulin levels in the bloodstream to help people with insulin resistance, or a lack of it.

Dipeptides, which are proteins made of the same chemical, are found in many other drugs that work on the same pathway as insulin, including some for treating diabetes and cancer.

However, the new study has some experts concerned about the potential side effects of taking dipeptic drugs.

This may be due to the fact that dipepsins are less potent than their insulin counterparts, Dr Hainse said.

“It is possible that there could be increased side effects, especially in people who take dipepsy medications, and therefore it is more important that the manufacturer makes sure dipeppsis drugs are available for people who need them,” he said.

Dr Haince also said the results of the new research suggest dasinib is not a good drug for people on insulin resistance.

“We know that diabetic patients with high blood sugar are more likely than others to be at risk of an increased risk of a stroke, and it is important that manufacturers can make sure that dipsinib drugs are accessible to diabetic patients,” he added.

Dr Howard Marks, director of diabetes and cardiology at St George’s, said: “The new data suggests that if dipepertic patients are on insulin resistant medications and there is a lower dose of dipephenidate available, then it is likely to increase the risks of a high stroke rate.”

Diabetes is not one of those diseases that you can just ignore and not worry about.

“There is a need to take more of an approach to diabetes and reduce the risks associated with it.”

Diabetes can cause blood clots and damage to the blood vessels, leading to a heart attack.

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that diabetes taking di-phenidate had a higher chance of developing heart attack than people on a standard dose of insulin.

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