When you get hit with a drug test and the results are negative, what to do?

The federal government has been cracking down on states that do not enforce the state-approved drug tests, but the practice of drug testing for marijuana is largely unregulated.

In the United States, there are more than 300 million people who have used marijuana in their lifetimes.

And some states, including California, have enacted laws requiring marijuana testing, although many are still waiting for federal approval.

The problem of testing for pot has led some marijuana advocates to question whether states are actually testing the drug to ensure its safety.

Some state legislators are pushing for an independent testing authority, which is a proposal being debated in the California legislature, which includes Democratic Assemblymember Mike Gatto.

California’s Independent Cannabis Commission, which was created in 2015, is seeking to set up a state-wide marijuana testing network, and is working with other groups to study marijuana’s safety, said Gary F. McWilliams, an attorney with the National Cannabis Industry Association.

McWilliams said the commission has received more than 100 comments and has been working with its members on the proposal.

While there are no official federal data on marijuana’s toxicity, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s website notes that “the use of marijuana can lead to severe, potentially fatal adverse health effects such as seizures, psychosis, and death.”

The agency says the drug is a “potential public health threat,” and states should adopt laws to prevent its use.

But state officials have pushed back on that assertion, saying testing for the drug will result in false positives and that it is not fair to assume that all marijuana users are drug users.

Even if a person does test positive for marijuana, they could face a civil penalty, such as a fine, according to the Drug Policy Alliance, a nonprofit group that advocates for the legalization of marijuana.

A state law passed in 2015 requires the drug be tested for marijuana before it is sold or dispensed, and requires that the testing be performed by a licensed laboratory.

It also requires marijuana be stored in a locked container, and allows testing to be performed on a specific amount of the drug per person.

Marijuana is often packaged and sold in glass jars, and people who smoke the substance are often warned that their actions could lead to an allergic reaction or even death.

Still, the federal government does not currently require states to test for marijuana.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency does require testing for other drugs, such on the effects of alcohol and tobacco.

And the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Act of 2000 says states are required to test people for drugs like heroin and methamphetamine if they are in treatment or receiving treatment for opioid addiction.

However, the legislation does not specifically require testing marijuana, and some states have resisted the DEA’s request.

Federal guidelines from 2015 say that state-regulated testing programs “shall not be construed to authorize the use of a test or method of testing to identify, detect, or classify the presence or the potency of a controlled substance” and that states should not require testing of marijuana in any circumstances.

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